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    Ammonium bifluoride
    Product name: Ammonium bifluoride
    Molecular formula:


    CAS NO.: 1341-49-7

    Molecular weight :57.04
    Property :White or colorless transparent rametrine system crystal, the commodity is flaky, slightly sour taste, relative density of 1.52, melting point of 125.6 degrees, boiling point of 240 ℃.
    Application :Used as glass etching agent, disinfectant, preservative, solvent of metal beryllium, surface treatment agent of silicon steel plate, also used in the manufacture of ceramics and magnesium alloy.
    Pack:It is packed in 25kg plastic woven bag or composite kraft paper bag, carton or cardboard bucket.

    ITEM YingKe Standard
    Apperance White powder
    Assay % ≥99.0
    Sulfate(SO42-) % ≤0.01
    Ammonium fluoride % ≤0.5
    Iron(Fe) % ≤0.005
    Burning residue ≤0.05
    Chloride(Cl) % ≤0.01
    Heavy meatel(Pb) % ≤0.003
    Drying reduction % ≤0.5

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